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Food is an important part of life. Obviously it is essential to survival, but we use food for so much more than just that. Food is also something to be enjoyed. We use it as a reward, for ourselves or our loved ones. We use food for comfort. We use food for celebration. We use food for simple pleasure.

Food is there when we're happy. It is there when we're sad. We serve food at unions as well as separations. We eat when we rejoice and when we grieve. Food has become an integral part of our civilization.

And while eating it is the ultimate goal, that isn't the only part to be enjoyed. The preparation of dishes, both simple and elaborate, is in its own category of fulfillment.

At Mangez Bien our goal is to provide the tools you need to build those dishes, and to obtain the fulfillment and contentment that comes from creating culinary masterpieces. Whether that masterpiece is a simple made-from-scratch apple pie, or a foie gras. And whether you are feeding your own hunger or that of the neighborhood, if cooking puts you in your happy place, Mangez Bien is there to make sure you have the right tools to do it.

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